Senegalese Fisheries Agreement Gets Huge Support

February 12, 2019

– As Seaman Union and CMA Welcome Deal

Samuel K. Siaffa and Mr. P. Nyantee Sleh address the press conference and Cross Section of Seamen and Journalists in attendance

The much publicized Liberia and Senegalese Private Sector Fisheries Agreement has received an additional endorsement following a recent one from Members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture days after a public hearing on the agreement addressed by Madam Emma Metieh Glassco held in the chembers of the House of Senate on Capitol Hill.

It can be recalled last week the Senate Committee on Agriculture expressed delight in the Liberia and Senegalese Private Sector Fisheries Agreement was partly signed in Dakar. The Liberia and Senegalese Fisheries agreement was signed recently in Dakar, Senegal on behave of the government of Liberia by the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority Emma Glassco.

Speaking to Reporters last week following a public hearing Tuesday February 6, 2019 on the Liberia and Senegalese deal the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture Bong County Senator Henry Yallah said though the agreement is not yet finalized it would benefit Liberians.

Senator Yallah said given the status of the agreement if it is fully implemented Liberia stands to generate more than ten million United States Dollars in revenue over the period of five years.
The Bong County Senator mentioned that the Senegalese agreement states that all of the catches would land on Liberian shores thus contributing to huge supplies of fish on the local markets resulting to reduction in the prices.

Senator Yellah said Director Glassco has assured the Senate Committee that all relevant measures including monitoring of those Senegalese fishing canoes and boasts will be taken into consideration as a joint patrol team has been setup to monitor the waters.

According to the agreement, more than 177 Seamen, 531 Fish Mongers (Fish Sellers) and more than 10 thousand ordinary jobs for skill and non-skills Liberians would be created thus enable some Liberians the opportunities to carter to the economic needs of their various families given the current hard economic condition Liberia and those in other parts of the World are faced with.

The Employment and economic impact of the Fisheries Senegalese agreement has attracted the Leaderships of the United Seamen Union of Liberia and the Collaborative Management Association given rise to a press statement which was delivered during a press conference held at the Union’s Headquarters in Jamaica Road Bushrod Island.
The Press Conference which was aired live on Truth FM and Okay FM Radio Stations, Real and KM television live was graced by members of the United Seamen Union of Liberia and the Collaborative Management Association.

Addressing the press, the Presidents of the United Seamen Union of Liberia and the Collaborative Management Association both commending the Liberian government through President George Weah for creating an enabling environment which has attracted other fisheries Countries and governments to invest in the fisheries sector of Liberia.

Samuel K. Siaffa, President of the United Seamen Union of Liberia commented that the agreement “will provide huge employment for trained Seamen who have been in anticipation of jobs more than 29 years ago where some of them have died while other have gone frustrated due to the lack of employment”.Siaffa noted “that agreement is in the interest of all Liberians particularly those who have had the qualification to be on par with their colleagues across the World”.

The President of the United Seamen Union of Liberia recalled that the CDC led government trained 50 seamen internationally and those seamen are now prepared to join others to gain employment on those Senegalese Vessels to earned their livelihood.
The President of the United Seamen Union of Liberia said reports of the government entering into frame work with the Senegalese Fisheries Private Sector is welcoming. He wondered “how can a man who has obtained training and has the largest territory waters be without employment for so many months, now is the time for employment through this agreement.

He pointed out that since the inception of the Weah led government through the appointment of Madam Emma Glassco Liberian Seamen have received huge recognition since the 1960s where Liberians seamen were on par with their foreign counterparts. He noted that “the coming of the Senegalese Vessels on Liberian waters will afford Seafarers the opportunity to meet their families’ necessities.

Commenting further on the economic impact of the Liberian and Senegalese agreement on the fisheries sector, Mr. Siaffa stated that the agreement will bring about growth as a result of those affected would be in the position to pay their taxes to government thus impacting the national budget.
On the issue of employment as a result of the Senegalese deal, the President of the United Seamen Union of Liberia said most Liberian youth stand the chance to gain employment as a result of the deal. He said aside from the current 50 seamen who stand benefit directly from employment on those vessels, there are other young seamen who could also benefit from employment.

The President of the United Seamen Union of Liberia said “we can’t live if we don’t have those jobs that would be created on the Senegalese vessels therefore we want government to complete the entire agreement which is in our interest”.
He said when this agreement is consummated, ‘”it will give raise to other employments in the fisheries sector, like fish mongers or fish sellers”. Those number of those selling and drying fish will automatically increase due to the rise of fish supplies on the market.

Commenting also during the press conference, the president elect of Montserrado and Bomi Counties Collaborative Management Association CMA, reemphasized that NaFAA Management has ensured through the agreement that all necessary modalities have been put place to ensure that local artisanal fishermen are treated properly despite the presence of the Senegalese fishermen.
Mr. P. Nyantee Sleh said Liberians stand to benefit hugely from the agreement and it will leave Liberia as a country with so many economic benefits.

Signed: Lewis E.B. Konoe
Communications Manager

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