Aquaculture Commercial Licence

Guideline for licensing of commercial aquaculture:

  • An application for an aquaculture licence shall be made to the Director General
  • The application shall be accompanied by proof that the applicant is legally entitled to use the land or other area designated as the proposed site.
  • After receipt of an application the Director General shall ensure that any relevant environmental standards for the proposed aquaculture project are being met, including requirements for siting, emissions and other relevant matters under the Environment Protection Law, and may, in consultation with the relevant Local government, determine whether the applicant is required to submit an environmental assessment of the proposed aquaculture project.
  • If the applicant is required to undertake an environmental impact assessment in respect of any law, the application shall be accompanied by a copy of any environmental impact assessment report and the recommendations of anybody or agency responsible for reviewing the environmental impact assessment report.
  • The applicant shall disclose fully in the application the level of foreign investment in the proposed aquaculture operations, if any, and the potential benefits to the Republic of Liberia from such investment which the Director General shall include, inter alia, as a condition of license.
  • The applicant shall give notice of the application, at the applicant’s expense, in such manner as may be prescribed and to such person or persons, including the public in general, as the Director General may determine, and such notice shall invite all those to whom it is addressed to submit in writing to the Director General, within thirty days from the date of the notice, any objections to or representations in connection with the application.
  • The applicant shall designate the person or persons accredited and or hire the technical service of NaFAA staff that will install the aquaculture facility.
  • If, before a licence is issued, there is any change in the particulars submitted application or, where an environmental assessment is required, any change in the information on which the environmental assessment is based, the applicant shall immediately communicate such change or changes in writing to the Director General.
  • NaFAA shall be the only entity that will import broodstocks, fish eggs, fries, fingerlings and any alien fish species in Liberia.
  • Every fish farmer operating within the land and water miles of Liberia shall obtain license to do so.
  • Construction of fish ponds by private company or individual shall be supervise and or constructed by technician from NaFAA with 10% of the total work cost pay to NaFAA workmanship fees.
  • NaFAA fingerlings shall be sold for 70 LD per fingerling.
  • License fees of 100 USD or its equivalent in Liberia Dollars for people engage in aquaculture shall be paid to NaFAA and it is subject to increment.