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Division of Research & Statistics 


The Division of Research and Statistics of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) is primarily responsible to conduct high quality and affordable research in any part of the territorial waters of Liberia that will inform policy decisions, conduct food safety analysis and inspections and keep up to date production and other fisheries related data. In addition to its primary responsibilities within the EEZ and inland waters, the department also plays a supportive and advisory role in the management of living marine and freshwater resources of Liberia, provides scientific and policy leadership in the international arena, and implements international conservation and management measures as appropriate.

In an era of increasing pressures on our oceans, the need for data that supports sound science and effective stewardship of our living marine resources has never been greater. The mission of the division is to meet this need by working across the fisheries-dependent data community to facilitate access to comprehensive, high-quality, and timely information on the Liberia’s fisheries.

Fish stocks are influenced by many natural factors and by various human activities, the most direct of which is fishing. Sustainable management is achieved via an integrated approach in which fisheries-based information is used to assess the way in which a fishery operates. It is worth noting that sustainable fishing and aquaculture industries factor in social, economic, and environmental considerations. The division supports the sustainability of these industries, it is with the intention of maximizing socio-economic benefits, protecting our fish resources, ensuring aquatic animal health, and protecting the natural environment. Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture industries will contribute to the long-term economic stability of Liberia, while ensuring social and environmental issues are managed responsibly.

According to World Health Organization of the United Nations (WHO) approximately 2 million deaths annually can be linked to unsafe food. Food containing harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemicals is also responsible for more than 200 diseases ranging from infectious diseases to some cancers. Ensuring food safety in a highly globalized world is much more complicated than expected with challenges constantly arising of which Liberia is no exception. This report presents the annual achievements of the Division of Research and Statistics.


The goal of the division is to provide the best scientific advice that will help NaFAA achieve its overall goal which speak of “Sustainable managed and economically viable fisheries that generate prosperity for the present and generations yet unborn

Annual Report:

2018 Annual Report