Fish Import License

How to Obtain a Fish Import License

• Obtain a certificate or attestation from the fisheries directorate of the country(ies) of origin of the supply, approving the export of fish from that country;
• Obtain an invoice from the consignee detailing the quantities in tons and cartons (or bags) of the individual species to be imported
• Obtain and complete an application form, from the office of (National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority-Mesurado Pier) or download application form and include all required documentation.

• All applications shall be reviewed by the Fish Import and Export Committee and subsequently forwarded to the Director General for final approval. No permit shall be deemed valid unless signed by the Director General or his/her designee.
• For applications that are denied, consignment must be transported out of Liberian waters at the importer’s expense or be confiscated by NaFAA in collaboration with relevant authorities if the consignment is already in Liberian waters.
• After approval, importers shall receive a bill for payment from NaFAA, to be paid in NaFAA’s bank account. Bank details shall be provided on the billing form
• Importer shall return the deposit slip of payment to NaFAA’s administrative office located at Freeport, adjacent LPRC
• Importer shall then receive the Permit for Importation for the consignment applied for
• A copy of the port clearance must be submitted to NaFAA upon arrival of consignment before discharge
• The importer must submit to a dockside inspection during the offloading procedure.

 Required Documents

The following documents must be included with the application:
• Letter of Expression of Interest
• Application form(Completed)
• Business Registration of Importer
• Tax Clearance
• Export permit from country of origin
• Invoice of the consignment indicating the quantity of fish
• Certification of export from the fisheries department from the country of origin
• Copy of all transshipment documents, including place of transshipment
• Copy of licenses for all fishing vessels that have supplied the carrier
• Copy of ship registration documents
• Copy of bill of lading and port clearance from the country of origin
• Health Certificate