Industrial Fishing License

Industrial Fishing Vessel

The guidelines below are required steps to obtain a Liberian industrial fishing license:

  • Submit a letter of intent to the office of the Director General;
  • Complete and submit license application form (the application form can be download here,License Application Form) with supporting documents to the office of the Director General;
  • The Licensing Committee or fisheries control committee conduct due-diligence on the submitted license application;
  • The costumer is informed by the office of the Director General;
  • Pay pre-licensing inspection, observer and vessel registration fees;
  • Submit to pre-licensing inspection procedures by NaFAA at the Fisheries Pier in the Port of Monrovia;
  • Submit pre-licensing inspection report to the Director General by the inspection team;
  • Submit fishing plan by vessel captain through the Local Agent  for evaluation;
  • Pay 10% of the total ex-vessel value of catch during the license period is required;
  • Fix Mobile Transceiver Unit (MTU) or submit existing MTU codes as part of the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) requirement;
  • Fishing licenses are granted for a maximum period of 12 months, always expired on December 31st of each year.
  • Once the Fishing License has been issued/granted , there are further requirements, including:
  • Assignment of Liberia Scientific Fisheries Observer for every fishing trip;
  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) switched on at all times on the vessel;
  • All catch landed in Liberia is subject to landing fees, valued per ton dependent on species;
  • All catch transshipped must receive permission to do so from the Director General;
  • Catch that is not landed in Liberia must receive permission to both transship; and submit an export application to the office of the Director General.