Industrial Fishing

Industrial fishery is sometimes defined as a fishery for non-food purposes. However, it more generally refers to the high level of technology, investment, and impact it brings to a fishery. These fisheries, with few exceptions in marine fisheries, use big boats that are equipped with technology capable of efficient, giant catches.

The industrial fishery in Liberia involves bottom trawlers targeting demersal fish and shrimp, purse seiners and long liners targeting off shore tuna resources, crab vessels and on-shore cold storage facilities. All industrial fishing vessels fishing in Liberian waters must carry observers and Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) as a requirement of obtaining a license.

Fishing vessels, as well as vessels importing fish, are required to land their catches under inspection at the fishing pier in the Free Port of Monrovia; transshipment must also take place in port under inspection. Fishing vessels that fish in Liberian waters and companies that import fish are required to pay taxes to the Liberian Government.