The Government of Liberia through the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) wishes to announcement an adjustment in the Fishing License Fees for Fishermen engaged in semi-industrial fishing activities throughout the nine coastal Counties based on the capacity of outboard machines/ motorized fishing boats. The new fees structure for the small skills fish licensing program takes immediate effect.

NaFAA is calling on all semi-industrial fishermen across Liberia to cooperate with government in the payment of their 2020 fishing license fees as no fisherman will be allow to fish without the 2020 fishing license.

Motorized canoes using 1 Horse power to 14 horse machine will now pay USD$200.00 to obtain their fishing licenses to fish across the country and those with 15 horse power to 40 horse power capacity are require to pay USD$475.00. Motorized canoes with 41 horse power to 100 horse power will pay USD$1,000.00 and Migrant or seasonal fishermen will pay USD1,250.00.

The amount stipulated above can also be paid in Liberians dollars equivalent.

Absolutely no fisherman will be permitted to fish without being in possession of the 2020 and 2019 licenses as the joint fisheries taskforce comprising the Liberia National Coast Guard, Ministry of Commerce, the Liberia National Police, Liberia Drug Enforcement agency and the Liberia Immigration service will begin vigorous inspection across Liberia’s coastal communities to enforce the payment of the license fees.

The full cooperation of all fishermen that falls within the above fishing categories are highly needed as the government of Liberia through the National fisheries and Aquaculture Authority will not tolerate any illegal fishing in its waters.

Meanwhile, the fishing license fees for fishermen using the Peddling canoes remains the same as ($3,200.00) Liberian Dollars / 17 USD).


Lewis E.B Konoe

Communications Director

National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority(NaFAA) Republic of Liberia

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