NAFAA LOGOAs part of efforts to ensure continuous food security in Liberia, the Government of Liberia, through the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) in consultation with major Fish Importers in Liberia wishes to announce a US$2.00 reduction in the prices of fish products.

The US$2.00 reduction in these specific fish products that are mostly consumed by the Liberian people, is intended to reduce the retail cost of fish in the market.

All fish sellers or Fish Mongers are hereby mandated to take advantage of the intervention by the government of Liberia and avoid any artificial increment in the prices of those fish on the markets.

Authorities of the Liberia Marketing Association in the various markets are call upon to take note and ensure that all marketers sell Bonnie, Horse Markerel, Shinny Lady, and Snapper C, B in line with the reduction agreed upon by NaFAA and the various fish importers to enable affordability of fish on the market.

The US$2.00 reduction in the prices of fish products including cartoons of 1. Bony, 2.Horse Markerel, 3. Shinny Lady, 4.Snapper C 5.Snapper B, 6. Zipper has taken effect since Monday April 13, 2020, up to the end of the three weeks State of Emergency announced by the government to ensure a proper protection of everyone against the coronavirus disease.

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