NaFAA Launches New Era of Transparency


The Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority NaFAA is commending Authorities of the European Union for its support to staff training in internet programs.

Speaking Thursday at the end of the three days EU support training on Internet Outlook Training Mrs. Glassco said “from today, all NaFAA staff will be working with official NaFAA email addresses, and according to a protocol designed to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency of our officers. Training has been provided to all staff to support this move. In addition, a number of dedicated email addresses have been created, for example, for enquiring about licenses, or requesting a fisheries inspection.

The NaFAA Boss mentioned “I request that anyone contacting NaFAA, on any aspect of the wide range of services it provides to fishermen, fish traders, sellers and vessel agents, use only the new official email addresses that have been created, a list of which is available on the NaFAA website. From today onward, no NaFAA business will be conducted via private emails, and any queries through private email will need to be directed to the official accounts”.

She said “I very much welcome this move, one of a number of improvements to service and accountability that NaFAA Management is bringing in, to help us as we support the development of Liberia’s rich fisheries.”

The three days EU sponsored Internet Outlook Training has seen all staff migrated to dedicated NaFAA email addresses, which from Thursday October 17, 2019 will replace entirely the use of private email address for conducting NaFAA business.

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