Inland Fisheries

Freshwater bodies cover 15,050 km² (14%) of the total area of Liberia. These include rivers, lakes, lagoons, creeks and streams that drain to the Atlantic coast. Inland fisheries contribute approximately 25% of fish consumed by rural dwellers.

Inland fisheries activities take place in all Liberian fresh water bodies, particularly Liberia’s six major rivers and Lake Piso, an inland lagoon connected to the sea in the north of the country. Inland fisheries in Liberia are conducted from shore and dugout canoes at the artisanal level only, using a variety of fishing gear, including:

  • Hook and hand line
  • Fishing net
  • Traditional trap

Major species targeted in the inland fisheries of Liberia include:
  • Talapia
  • African cat fish spp
  • Hecterites