Investment Guide

Message From The Director General of NaFAA

I bring you greetings and sincere best wishes from the management
and staff of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, (NaFAA).
This Investment Guide is the first show case of ours, using the best
available science to identify industrial fisheries that can support
successful investment without endangering the livelihoods of Liberia’s
15,000 artisanal fishermen, who support an additional 40,000 shore-based jobs.

The current fish production for the domestic market falls well short of
our consumption needs. In 2017 Liberia imported 44,000 tonnes of fish.
By way of contrast, in the 1970s and 1980S Liberia’s shrimp exports to
Europe were, the most valuable in Africa. Our shrimp fishery has never
full restarted since the 1990’s and has seen no fishing effort for the last decade.

Our fishery, when appropriately managed can provide significant
returns whilst improving Liberia’s balance of payment s. We have very
healthy fish stocks, many of which are in a pristine state. The World
recognising the potential for successful expansion of Liber ia’s fisher ies,
have supported the development of a bespoke new fisheries landing jetty,
with associated infrastructure, including a state of the are Fisheries
Monitoring Centre, in Monrovia.

Recognising the steps taken by Liberia to rebuild and safeguard our fish stock the European Union signed a Sustainable Partnership Agreement with Liberia providing access for 36 Tuna vessels,
working to ICCAT rules. NaFAA in line with National Government Pro-Poor Agenda
invites licence applications from responsible fishing companies and development
partners interested in developing a long-term presence in Liberia.

Sincerely Yours,
Emma Metieh Glassco (Mrs)
Director General, NaFAA