Human Resource and Manpower Development

Human Resource and Manpower Development

Human Resource

The Human Resources Department consists of management of the NaFAA’s HRIS system, including recruitment, employee training and counseling, administration of benefits, worker’s compensation, personnel recordkeeping, classification and compensation, employee negotiations, performance appraisals, management consulting and legislation compliance.  

The Strategic Priorities of The Department Are

1.       Recruit and retain high quality staff required to fulfil NaFAA’s goal and mandate.

2.       Build staff capacities in line with NaFAA’s activities and staff job descriptions.

3.       Enhance staff motivation and work attitudes through fair and performance-based compensation and career path development.

4.       Ensure staff compliance with NaFAA rules and working practices.

5. Monitor staff performance using staff appraisal and performance reviews.
6. Ensure the health, safety and welfare of all NaFAA employees and contractors.
7. Support the functioning of self-managed and effective departmental teams, willing and able to work collaboratively with other NaFAA departments in line with job descriptions.
8. Maintain a mix of employees and contractors to ensure NaFAA’s ability to adapt to changing requirements and circumstances, while also providing security of employment to staff.
9. Ensure a NaFAA presence in all counties to increase NaFAA visibility and delivery of decentralised services and responsibilities.
10. Ensure a shared sense of purpose and understanding within NaFAA of the reasons for, and contents of, any changes in NaFAA polices, activities and internal processes, through internal communications and sharing of information with staff.