Marine Fisheries and Environment

Marine Fisheries and Environment


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The Strategic Priorities of The Department Are

1.                   Operationalise an ecosystems-based approach to fisheries management.

2.                   Strengthen the vessel licensing and registration regime, and the timely review, processing and distribution of fishing licenses.

3.                   Protect access by legitimate small-scale fishers to fish resources that are shared with the industrial fleet.

4.                   Collect revenue from small-scale marine fisheries operations in line with the Regulations.

5. Introduce management measures for recreational fisheries.
6. Increase awareness by stakeholders of marine environmental issues and climate change, and of appropriate preventative and adaptation measures.
7. Enhance capacities of Community Management Associations (CMAs) to be able to work with NaFAA as a partner in co-management arrangements for sustainable management of marine resources.
8. Ensure international cooperation for the management of shared stocks.