Research and Statistics

Research and Statistics

Research & Statistics

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The Strategic Priorities Of The Department Are

1. Collect, analyse and routinely report catch and effort data on industrial and artisanal catches.

2.                   Collect, analyse and report on an ad hoc basis fisheries biological data.

3. Collect, analyse and routinely report data on import and export volumes of all types of fish (e.g. fish, crustacea, molluscs, cephalopods, etc).

4                   Conduct assessments of the status of key fisheries stocks in Liberian waters.

5. Complete adaptive research on fisheries and aquaculture as required, for example on fisheries economics, fish prices and marketing, frame surveys and social aspects of fisheries, fisheries technology (i.e. fishing gear, processing methods), and climate change impacts.
6. Enhance collaboration on research with overseas organisations.
7. Provide fisheries-related data to international organisations in line with Liberia’s international commitments.
8. Enhance the food safety and quality control system governing the import and export of fish products, and the placing on the domestic market of fish products from Liberian catches.
9. Ensure that Liberian freezer vessels, refrigerated vessels (reefers), cold stores, and fish processors apply the necessary standards to export fish and fish products to overseas markets.
10. Support access to new overseas markets and enhance value addition throughout the domestic fisheries supply chain, for increased foreign exchange, incomes, and employment.